New Book: Refugee Imaginaries: Research Across Humanities

Refugee Imaginaries: Research Across the Humanities ‘explores how refugees imagine the world and how the world imagines them.’ Through a collection of over 30 chapters, co-edited by Refugee Hosts Co-Investigator Prof. Lyndsey Stonebridge, and written by experts from a range of disciplines, the book places ‘refugee imaginaries at the centre of interdisciplinary exchange’ and ‘demonstrates … Continue reading New Book: Refugee Imaginaries: Research Across Humanities

Soundscape: Faith Communities in Hamra

In this post Refugee Hosts Researcher, Leonie Harsch, reflects on her soundscape of Muslim and Christian spaces in Hamra, Beirut. Harsch includes insights from interviews with members of both religious and secular communities who use these spaces for both humanitarian and religious purposes, and describes how these spaces are conceptualised by local communities. The soundscape … Continue reading Soundscape: Faith Communities in Hamra

Undoing the Meaning of the World: Creation and Decreation in Contemporary Refugee Studies

Refugee Hosts and refugee studies are currently pioneering innovative transdisciplinary approaches across the arts, humanities and social sciences. Next year sees the publication of Refugee Imaginaries: Contemporary Research Across the Humanities, edited by Refugee Hosts’ Lyndsey Stonebridge, and Agnes Woolley, Emma Cox, David Farrier and Sam Durant (EUP, forthcoming, 2018), and which includes work by Elena … Continue reading Undoing the Meaning of the World: Creation and Decreation in Contemporary Refugee Studies

Historical Photos of Hamra, Beirut

Refugee Hosts local researcher, Leonie Harsch, has encountered an archive of photos during her extensive mapping of the Hamra neighbourhood in Beirut. In this piece, Leonie reflects on some of these photos, which form the archive of Mukhtar Michel Bekhazi, as a way of approaching questions of hospitality, refugee-host encounters and 'the local'. In particular, … Continue reading Historical Photos of Hamra, Beirut

Sounds from Hamra, Lebanon

Below you can listen to two soundscapes recorded during Prof. Alastair Ager's recent fieldtrip to Hamra, a vibrant neighbourhood in Beirut which is home to a dynamic commercial and social scene in addition to many refugees from Syria. Such soundscapes offer an invaluable entry point to engage in a multi-sensory analysis of the social, economic and political … Continue reading Sounds from Hamra, Lebanon