Refugee Hosts at ‘History of Refugees’ Conference

On the 23rd November 2020 Refugee Hosts' Co-ordinator, Aydan Greatrick and Co. I. Prof. Lyndsey Stonebridge took part in the 'History of Refugees' conference hosted by SolidariTee. Diverse motivations shape contemporary responses to refugees, yet the role of history is often overlooked. Aydan Greatrick's and Prof. Lyndsey Stonebridge's talk, 'Refugee Hosting Across Time,' sought to … Continue reading Refugee Hosts at ‘History of Refugees’ Conference

The Active Citizens Sound Archive

‘A critical mass of articles and incendiaries, reflections and rallying cries, has skewered the notion that refugee storytelling is somehow inherently useful, and that ‘giving voice’ is a benevolent practice.’ In this piece, Tom Western, argues that within these reductive narratives of ‘refugeeness’ the ‘complexities, creativities, histories, humour, ambiguities, and political struggles go missing’ and … Continue reading The Active Citizens Sound Archive

“To embroider the voice with its own needle”

Marking the launch of the inaugural issue of the Migration and Society journal, in this piece Yousif M. Qasmiyeh (Refugee Hosts' Writer in Residence and Creative Encounters Editor of the new journal) sets out one of the aims of the journals' Creative Encounters section; to problematise the notion of voice. The piece also presents five poems … Continue reading “To embroider the voice with its own needle”

Historical Photos of Hamra, Beirut

Refugee Hosts local researcher, Leonie Harsch, has encountered an archive of photos during her extensive mapping of the Hamra neighbourhood in Beirut. In this piece, Leonie reflects on some of these photos, which form the archive of Mukhtar Michel Bekhazi, as a way of approaching questions of hospitality, refugee-host encounters and 'the local'. In particular, … Continue reading Historical Photos of Hamra, Beirut

Moving Objects: Heritage in/and Exile

The Refugee Hosts project is delighted to announce a new collaboration between our research team and other leading academics at UCL working on displacement. This collaborative project, funded by the UCL Centre for Critical Heritage Studies Small Grants Scheme, the UCL Grand Challenges Programme and UCL Department of Geography, will result in a co-curated exhibition, … Continue reading Moving Objects: Heritage in/and Exile