If you are interested in writing a blog for Refugee Hosts please send a message outlining your idea to Sorcha Daly on

We encourage submissions from anyone interested in contributing to our community of conversation. Where possible, submissions should be directly related to issues surrounding displacement, although in some instances less-related topics may still be considered.

Themes that are of particular interest to this blog include:

  • Refugee/Host encounters: the dynamics of hospitality in local and international contexts, and how these are determining responses to and engagements with displaced peoples
  • Everyday lives: explorations of the everyday that counteract narratives of migrant exceptionalism and refugee victimhood
  • Refugees as hosts: the role played by established refugee populations in responding to the needs of those displaced from Syria
  • Humanitarianism: discussions relating to the politics of humanitarianism, the effectiveness of international humanitarian responses to refugees in both the past and the present, and ‘alternative humanitarianism(s)’ typically overlooked by mainstream approaches
  • Theology, faith and displacement: discussions, research and insights into the implicit and/or explicit role(s) faith plays in responding to/framing experiences of displacement.
  • Narrative, literature and history: voices, stories and experiences of displaced and hosting communities in both the past and present, and how the past informs these stories
  • Policy processes: opportunities for improvement in policy processes, and evidence of good and bad practice vis-a-vis responses to and engagements with displaced persons
  • Intersections of gender, faith and secularism: building a deeper understanding of how these interact in relation to local community responses to and engagements with refugees
  • Interdisciplinary refugee-research: critical reflections on how, who, when, where and why research processes take place vis-a-vis displacement and hosting, and the relationship between research, the personal and the political

Submissions are encouraged in a variety of formats, languages and styles. We are particularly interested in creative submissions, including poetry, creative writings, photographs and podcasts.

We expect written submissions to not exceed 900-1,000 words in length. We encourage authors to adopt an engaging and accessible style in their writing given this project’s interest in reaching out to a wider audience.