The Borderlines of Empathy

This presentation was given by Bayan Itani at the Refugee Hosts International Conference. The presentation addressed empathy as a common motivation for supporting Syrian refugees. In so doing, it questions the ‘borderlines’ of empathy, and the reasons behind its decline, within the context of people from Syria seeking refuge in Lebanon. The borderlines of empathy by … Continue reading The Borderlines of Empathy

An Update: ‘Data Collection and Analysis’

An Update: 'Data Collection and Analysis' by Prof. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Refugee Hosts PI In November 2018, the Refugee Hosts team is starting to 'analyse’ the transcripts of circa 400 semi-structured interviews completed since autumn 2017 by our diversely positioned research teams in the Middle East and in the UK. A final set of interviews – … Continue reading An Update: ‘Data Collection and Analysis’

Historical Photos of Hamra, Beirut

Refugee Hosts local researcher, Leonie Harsch, has encountered an archive of photos during her extensive mapping of the Hamra neighbourhood in Beirut. In this piece, Leonie reflects on some of these photos, which form the archive of Mukhtar Michel Bekhazi, as a way of approaching questions of hospitality, refugee-host encounters and 'the local'. In particular, … Continue reading Historical Photos of Hamra, Beirut