The Active Citizens Sound Archive

‘A critical mass of articles and incendiaries, reflections and rallying cries, has skewered the notion that refugee storytelling is somehow inherently useful, and that ‘giving voice’ is a benevolent practice.’ In this piece, Tom Western, argues that within these reductive narratives of ‘refugeeness’ the ‘complexities, creativities, histories, humour, ambiguities, and political struggles go missing’ and … Continue reading The Active Citizens Sound Archive

EU-Turkey Refugee Deal: “This is (not) a pipe”

This presentation was given by Zeynep Kivilcim at the Refugee Hosts International Conference and critically investigates the EU-Turkey Deal that establishes a regime where Turkey’s authoritarian, European illiberal and liberal sovereign practices converge and function with harmony against the rights of migrants and refugees. EU-Turkey Refugee Deal:  "This is (not) a pipe" by Zeynep Kivilcim, … Continue reading EU-Turkey Refugee Deal: “This is (not) a pipe”

Belonging: a privilege or a right? Conditional inclusion in the Netherlands

  ‘Why do some refugees receive huge outpourings of public support, while others do not? Why are some people allowed to stay, while others in a similar legal situation are not?’ In this post, Aukje Muller, examines the ‘construction of belonging’ within the Netherlands and its influence on decisions regarding the deportation of migrants to … Continue reading Belonging: a privilege or a right? Conditional inclusion in the Netherlands

Refugee Livelihoods: Refugee Hosts in Conversation with ODI’s Humanitarian Policy Group

On Wednesday 14 June 2017, Dr Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, PI of the Refugee Hosts project, joined a live TwitterChat with the ODI’s Humanitarian Policy Group and other experts in order to ask: are we doing enough for refugees? This chat was engaged with by over 25,000 people, making for a very exciting, interactive hour. Panelists involved […]