Reflections on Alice’s Alternative Wonderland

How can creative storytelling enable new ways of thinking about and representing displacement? In this piece, Tahmineh Hooshyar Emami reflects on the process of writing her fictitious account, Alice’s Alternative Wonderland, which was originally displayed in three parts on Refugee Hosts. Alice’s Alternative Wonderland is the fictitious account of a child’s experiences on the European refugee trail; here the author … Continue reading Reflections on Alice’s Alternative Wonderland

Paese (Country)

How can poetry, creative writing and translation unearth and represent experiences of displacement?  In this poem - the first of two pieces by Giulia Balestra of REFUNITE which will feature on Refugee Hosts' Representations of Displacement series - Giulia offers a reflection on belonging and positionality, with an English translation sitting alongside the original Italian. Through reflecting … Continue reading Paese (Country)

The Multiple Faces of Representation

The Multiple Faces of Representation By Yousif M. Qasmiyeh, University of Oxford and Odile Ammann, University of Fribourg  The face of the Other – under all the particular forms of expression where the Other, already in a character’s skin, plays a role – is just as much pure expression, an extradition without defense or cover, … Continue reading The Multiple Faces of Representation

Leviathan’s Maw

This piece, by George Mantzios (whose artistic and creative work is completed under the pseudonym Yanni Ye) offers a visual representation of the Mediterranean 'Migration Crisis'. Yorgos' work also reflects on the role of art as a form of hosting, capable of articulating meaningful encounters that are built on 'vernacularised' art practices. The Refugee Hosts … Continue reading Leviathan’s Maw

Refugees are Dialectical Beings: Part Two

Refugees are Dialectical Beings: Part Two  by Yousif M. Qasmiyeh, University of Oxford and Refugee Hosts Writer in Residence   To the ones who are en route, the ones whose stomachs are compasses and whose compasses are manifestos of nothing… Refugees are dialectical beings I The aridity of a camp presupposes the aridity of life. … Continue reading Refugees are Dialectical Beings: Part Two

Summer Newsletter

Our Summer newsletter is now available to view online. This issue highlights our activities over the summer, as well as our recent Faith and Displacement series, which you can read in full on our website. Please follow the link below for important project updates, including blog highlights and information on recent and forthcoming events: Newsletter … Continue reading Summer Newsletter

Call for Submissions: Write for our Representations of Displacement Series

Call for Submissions: Representations of Displacement  We invite individuals or groups to submit pieces, including art, photographs, creative writing and academic research findings, for inclusion in our upcoming series on Representations of Displacement, which will run from September 1 to November 30. About the Series:  This series draws on Refugee Hosts’ aim of disrupting mainstream … Continue reading Call for Submissions: Write for our Representations of Displacement Series