Sharing stories and the quiet politics of welcome

In this post, Olivia Sheringham describes the Global Story Café project in the London borough of Waltham Forest. These storytelling workshops and story sharing cafés brought together migrants, asylum seekers and refugees to share stories about universal themes with the aim of reducing ‘prejudice, fear and racism and to promote equality and tolerance (through the … Continue reading Sharing stories and the quiet politics of welcome

Al-Mustaqbal in the Space of Refuge

Displacement forces refugees to confront restrictions to their mobility, whereby the policies of states and other actors tend to physically limit their access to space. However, as Jude Wafai argues in this piece, this immobility is often combined with challenges that restrict refugee futures too. By exploring how space interacts with temporality in this way, … Continue reading Al-Mustaqbal in the Space of Refuge

Reflections on Alice’s Alternative Wonderland

How can creative storytelling enable new ways of thinking about and representing displacement? In this piece, Tahmineh Hooshyar Emami reflects on the process of writing her fictitious account, Alice’s Alternative Wonderland, which was originally displayed in three parts on Refugee Hosts. Alice’s Alternative Wonderland is the fictitious account of a child’s experiences on the European refugee trail; here the author … Continue reading Reflections on Alice’s Alternative Wonderland