This poem is written by Prof. Ilan Kelman, inspired by the recently published Refuge in a Moving World Open Access volume edited by Refugee Hosts PI Prof. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh. Ilan’s chapter in the book, “Does climate change cause migration?” (pp. 123 – 133) examines if climate change has a direct and causative affect on forced migration, or if there are multiple and intersecting causes of forced migration. You can read Ilan’s chapter, and the entire 32 chapter volume here.

From Home to Home

by Ilan Kelman, UCL

This poem of the motion

Describes the ceaseless sea

Aroused by the soft breeze

Conversing with the shore.

This poem of the movement

Drinks dust up from the trail

Coerced by wild wind

Mirages through the heat.

This poem of migration

Hides qualms about the choice

To leave and start anew

For gain, for loss, for us.

This poem of escaping

Farewells the chilling kiss

For love that’s cleaved by flight

The eyes soon cease their gaze.

This poem of refugee

Leaves everything behind.

Breaks bonds which made a life.

Starts raw from all that’s gone.

This poem entangling time

The past that never will

The future never was

The present cannot be.

These poems of the refuge

Freeze fears of what might be

Hold hopes for what could come

Weeps pain and cries with joy.


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Featured image: On the Move, Jordan, 2018. (c) E. Fiddian-Qasmiyeh

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