In this post Marta Niccolai provides a narrated presentation of her contribution to the recently published Refuge in a Moving World Open Access volume edited by Refugee Hosts PI, Prof. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh. Her chapter, ‘Theatre and/as solidarity: Putting yourself in the shoes of a refugee through performance,” focuses on Teatro di Nascosto or Hidden Theatre, founded and directed by Annet Henneman. The theatre places refugees and their stories at the centre of its work.

Marta Niccolai’s chapter (pp. 193-209 in Refuge in a Moving World) examines the concept of ‘hospitality’ both in relation to Annet Henneman’s visits to the Middle East and in relation to the reception of refugees in Italy. The chapter also details the methodologies used by Henneman to create theatrical events, and an analysis of two of the theatre’s performances.

You can access the presentation below:

Featured image: Refugees, asylum seekers, actors from Middle East and Europe reherse and live together as a community. (c) Marta Niccolai.

If you found this piece of interest you can access the recommended reading below:

Greatrick, A. and Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, E. (2017) The roles of performance and creative writing workshops in refugee-related research

MOAS Podcast (2017) Refugee Art, Performance and Forced Migration

Qasmiyeh, Y. M. (2016) “Writing the Camp”

Sheringham, O. (2019) Sharing stories and the quiet politics of welcome

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