SOFTER: Jenny Holzer at Blenheim Palace (28 September – 31 December 2017)

The poetry of Refugee Hosts’ Writer in Residence Yousif M. Qasmiyeh will feature in a forthcoming exhibition by American artist Jenny Holzer. Yousif’s work, which you can read more of here, will be projected across the facade of Blenheim Palace as part of a 12 night exhibition titled ‘On War’.

This exhibition, which aims to highlight the overlapping experiences of conflict across time and different countries, marks a continuation of Holzer’s engagement with Yousif’s work in 2017. Earlier this year, Yousif’s poem ‘If this is my face, so be it…‘ (published in Modern Poetry in Translation in 2016) was projected across the Bispetorv building in Aarhus, Denmark as part of Holzer’s installation for the 2017 Capital of Culture, and also – since May – as part of Holzer’s new major exhibition at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art.

For more information about the exhibition, which runs across 12 nights between 28 September-10 October, visit the Blenheim Palace website here.

Featured Image: Yousif’s poetry projected onto the Bipertorv Building, Denmark, as part of Jenny Holzer’s installation for the 2017 Capital of Culture (c) J. Holzer 

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