Al-Mustaqbal in the Space of Refuge

Displacement forces refugees to confront restrictions to their mobility, whereby the policies of states and other actors tend to physically limit their access to space. However, as Jude Wafai argues in this piece, this immobility is often combined with challenges that restrict refugee futures too. By exploring how space interacts with temporality in this way, … Continue reading Al-Mustaqbal in the Space of Refuge

Sounds from Istiklal, Turkey

How are social processes of marginalisation and agency heard, as well as seen? Below you can listen to a recording of a refugee youth playing a melody on the busy street of Istiklal, Istanbul. Such soundscapes offer ways of analysing the social, economic and political dynamics that characterise spaces inhabited, shared and contested by and … Continue reading Sounds from Istiklal, Turkey

Refugee Youth, Conflict and Communities

In a recent piece published in The Scotsman on 20 September, Alastair Ager reflects on the global refugee crisis, and in particular on the challenges faced by refugee youth, the effects of conflict on health services, and the roles played by local communities in welcoming and supporting people who have been displaced by conflict. The following is … Continue reading Refugee Youth, Conflict and Communities