Shadows and Echoes in/of Displacement

Shadows and Echoes in/of Displacement: Temporalities, spatialities and materialities of displacement by Prof. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Refugee Hosts In line with our project's Spaces and Places not Faces approach to representation, a key question arising in Refugee Hosts is how we can represent, and conceptualise, the 'field-sites' where we are conducting research. Through diverse media - … Continue reading Shadows and Echoes in/of Displacement

Thinking Through the Concept of ‘Welcoming’

In this piece, Katharine T. Weatherhead reflects on the discursive implications of the term 'welcoming' when used in refugee-related research. In particular, she asks: does the term enable nuanced engagement with displacement as a series of overlapping, relational encounters, in turn disrupting traditional representations that depict refugees as a vulnerable 'burdens', and hosts as active … Continue reading Thinking Through the Concept of ‘Welcoming’

Refugee-Refugee Relationality: Hospitality and ‘Being With’ Refugees

In a recent piece published by the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (IJUUR) as part of an Open Access 'Spotlight On' The Urban Refugee "Crisis",¬†Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh highlights the urgency of examining refugees' positions,¬†identities, beliefs and behaviours in relation to other groups of refugees. In essence, she argues that it is necessary to complement … Continue reading Refugee-Refugee Relationality: Hospitality and ‘Being With’ Refugees