Listen to Refugee Hosts’ Co.I, Dr. Anna Rowlands, on BBC Radio 4’s Immigration and Religion: A Sunday Programme Special.

In her contribution to this BBC Radio 4 programme, Dr. Rowlands discusses the impact of immigration on public and political debate and argues that, with regard to current attitudes and responses to migration, we are paying the price for a political environment that has failed to pay attention to a range of cultural, economic and political questions. Anna discusses these questions in addition to drawing on her experiences of faith communities in the North of England that, within the context of immigration, can become spaces of encounter, where the plurality of interpretations of religious text and experiences, particularly during migrant journeys, can lead to the emergence of new faith practices, valuable to host and migrant communities alike.

Anna also discusses her recent trip to Baddawi refugee camp in Lebanon, a key research site for the Refugee Hosts’ project, where Palestinian refugees living in protracted displacement are hosting Syrian refugees in over crowded conditions for several years. Anna argues that the loss of life witnessed in the Mediterranean must be understood in a context of increasing securitisation of and hostility towards refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, and in an EU environment that is less than hospitable, and often hostile, to forced migrants.

Listen to the programme here:


If you find this piece of interest, please visit our Faith and Displacement series.

Other pieces by Dr Anna Rowlands include:

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Further reading on this topic includes:

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