Radio and On Screen

BBC Radio 4: In Our Time – Hannah Arendt


2 February 2017, BBC Radio 4 In Our Time – London: Prof. Lyndsey Stonebridge discusses the political philosophy of Hannah Arendt alongside Melvyn Bragg, Frisbee Sheffield and Robert Eagleton. Read more about her appearance here.

Listen to the episode here.

Faith, Secularism and Humanitarian Engagement

12 December 2016, Columbia University, New York NY: Prof. Alastair Ager discusses his research into the tensions between secularism and faith in humanitarian engagements. The ideas discussed in this talk are drawn from Alastair’s book Faith, Secularism and Humanitarian Engagement: Finding the Place of Religion in the Support of Displaced Peoples.

Hospitality and Hostility: The Role of Established Refugees in a Crisis

1 November 2016, UCL Lunchtime Lectures – London: Dr Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh discusses her research into displacement, and the important but often overlooked role established refugees are playing in responding to conflict-induced displacement from Syria.