May 18, 2017: Lyndsey Stonebridge, Professor of Modern Literature and History at UEA, and Refugee Hosts Co-I, has been interviewed by Krista Tippett, of On Being, about the relevance of Hannah Arendt’s work to today’s political challenges.


During the interview, Professor Stonebridge reflects on Arendt’s ideas about statelessness and violence, ideas informing the approach taken by the Refugee Hosts research project. In particular, Professor Stonebridge grounds her reading of Arendt through an analysis of how Syrian refugees are being received and welcomed by local communities in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, including through processes of refugee-refugee humanitarianism that are central to the Refugee Hosts research project:


To listen to the full interview, click here.

To read more on Arendt, and the relevance of her work to the Refugee Hosts project, visit our blog.

Featured Image: Hannah Arendt’s graffiti mural (Wiki Commons)


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