We are pleased to share this call for papers on behalf of Dr. Mette Berg (UCL) and Dr. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (PI of Refugee Hosts), who are the editors of the new journal, Migration and Society. This new interdisciplinary journal is committed to critical research that situates migration in a wider societal, historical and geographical context, and for the journal’s inaugural issue in 2018, the key theme will be ‘Hospitality and Hostility Towards Migrants: Global perspectives.’ This theme is closely aligned to the key questions underpinning our Refugee Hosts research, which is examining how the members of nine local communities in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey have responded to the arrival of refugees from Syria. 

Call for Papers: Hospitality and hostility towards migrants: global perspectives


Recent years have seen an unprecedented scale of global forced migration. Millions of people have fled conflicts and mass human rights violations as well as poverty and persecution. Across sites of transit and settlement migrants have been met by a combination of hospitality and hostility.

For the inaugural issue of Migration and Society, we welcome theoretically and empirically informed contributions that help us develop a more nuanced understanding of the complex responses and experiences of hospitality and hostility around the world and in different historical contexts. We invite contributions that offer critical analyses of the following questions:

    1. How, and why, have different actors responded to the actual, prospective, and imagined arrival of migrants across time and space?
    2. How have migrants and refugees experienced and responded to different, and at times overlapping, processes of hospitality and hostility in sites of transit and settlement?
    3. What are the politics and the poetics of hospitality and hostility towards migrants in different spaces?
    4. As ‘new’ migrants join established diasporas and transnational communities, how have ‘locals’ and ‘established’ migrants and refugees responded to ‘newly’ displaced people?
    5. How, why, and with what effects have diverse media represented processes of migration? Who has been rendered (hyper)visible and audible, and/or invisible, inaudible, and silenced in different representations of migration?
    6. What are the historic resonances, continuities, and discontinuities of contemporary dynamics of hospitality and hostility towards migrants?

We especially welcome articles that examine – and interrogate – the applicability of the concepts of hospitality and hostility in different settings; and that explore the relationship between these and other concepts, including cosmopolitanism, welcome, conviviality, neighbourliness, and solidarity, from the perspective of the global South as well as the North.

Deadline for submitting articles for inclusion in issue 1: 30 September 2017. 

For more information about the journal, including how to submit pieces for consideration, see here.


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