Faith emerged throughout the research process as a significant motivating factor in responses to displacement and refugees, and a key source of assistance and strength for those experiencing displacement. These findings challenge prevailing understandings of faith as a potentially problematic and dividing factor in humanitarian contexts, instead highlighting the many positive roles that faith, faith-based organisations and local faith communities play in displacement affected contexts. Key recommendations for policy and practice have been identified and will be shared in a forthcoming Religious Literacy Handbook, as well as practitioners and policy makers in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey at forthcoming policy roundtables.

Over the course of the project, we have also run a series on Faith and Displacement, drawing on diverse perspectives from academics and practitioners about the role faith plays in contexts of displacement.

We have also worked in collaboration with the British Council USA and colleagues at Yale University on a major research report exploring religion and social justice for refugees in Cameroon, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia and Mexico. Read the report here and read more about this collaboration here.