Throughout our interdisciplinary research project, we have explored the politics of knowledge production, our own positionality as researchers and what it means to work collaboratively with academics, local communities and practitioners in ethical and sustainable ways. These reflections form a key theme for the project itself, producing insights into the methodological challenges and politics of working collaboratively and meaningfully on large interdisciplinary research projects. You can read more about our interdisciplinary approach in our Research Note: Critical Reflections on Voice and Writing in Displacement.

Our Reflections from ‘the Field’ series collates many of these discussions, and – as the project’s Principal Investigator Prof. Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh outlines in her introduction to the series – explores both ‘who and what have we encountered in our research’, but also ‘who are we,’ ‘who are we to one another’ (see here and here), and ‘where, and when, are we’ across diverse fields of thought, practice and (in)action.

The resources below detail some of the key outputs and publications from Refugee Hosts, including videos and publications that draw on the projects critical approaches to research. More resources will be uploaded soon.

Refugee Hosts Conference

The Refugee Hosts International Conference, ‘Without Exception: The Politics and Poetics of Local Responses to Displacement’ was held in 2019 and brought together key academics, practitioners, creatives and experts in the fields of migration, displacement and refugees, to challenge, inform and debate dominant humanitarian discourse, the politics and ethics of knowledge production, and current theory and practice in relation to forced migration. You can watch the live stream video of the entire conference here or watch the highlight video below.

Books published:

Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, E. (Ed) (2020) Refuge in a Moving World. Tracing refugee and migrant journeys across the humanities. London: UCL Press. (free to download)

Qasmiyeh, Y. M. (2021) Writing the Camp. Wales: Broken Sleep Books. Highly Commended by the 2021 Forward Prizes; selected as one of the Best Poetry Books of 2021 by The Telegraph and The Irish Times.

Farrier, D. Wooley, A. Stonebridge, L. Durrant, S and Cox, E.  (Eds) (2019) Refugee Imaginaries:  Research across the humanities. Edinburgh:  Edinburgh University Press

Stonebridge, L. (2020) Writing and Righting. Literature in the Age of Human Rights. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Journal Special Issues:

Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, E., Berg, M.L. and Waters, J. (Eds) (2020) ‘Recentering the South in Studies of Migration,’ Migration and Society Volume 3: Issue 1.

Berg, M. L. & Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, E. (Eds) (2018) ‘Hospitality and Hostility Towards Migrants: Global PerspectivesMigration and Society Volume 1: Issue 1


Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, E., Grewal, Z., Karunakara, U., Greatrick, A., Ager, A., Lombard, L., Panter-Brick, C., Stonebridge, L., Rowlands, A. (2020) Religion and Social Justice for Refugees: Insights from Cameroon, Greece, Malaysia, Mexico, Jordan and Lebanon (Bridging Voices report to the British Council)

Refugee Hosts (2018), Local Faith Community Responses to Displacement in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey: Emerging Evidence and New Approaches(UCL Migration Research Unit, authored by Greatrick, A., Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, E., Ager, A., Rowlands, A. and Stonebridge, L.)