Since 2016, Refugee Hosts has built a ‘Community of Conversation’ on our blog. The aim of this has been to bring together academic insights, reflections from practitioners, creative interventions from artists, poets and writers, and photos, soundscapes and more, that explore the key themes of the project.

In particular, Refugee Hosts has focused our conversation around four themes: Representations of Displacement, Faith and Displacement, Translation, Poetry and Displacement, and Contextualising the Localisation of Aid Agenda.

The Essential Reading series highlights just a handful of the almost 100 unique posts which have featured as part of our Community of Conversation. These ‘reading lists’ offer a broad set of provocative pieces, capturing both the contributions made to each theme by a range of disciplines, but also the debates and contestations that frame research into displacement.

Essential Reading: Representations of Displacement 

Essential Reading: Faith and Displacement 

Essential Reading: Translation, Poetry and Displacement

Essential Reading: The Localisation Agenda 

If you are interested in contributing to our Community of Conversation, visit our Submissions page. We welcome contributions to any of these themes in particular, but also other pieces relating to refugee-related research more broadly.