As individuals and families make their journeys across land and sea, they encounter diverse communities – communities of welcome, hostility, ambivalence – and also become parts of communities in transit, or even communities-in-becoming.

These photographs were taken in and around the abandoned construction site of a five star holiday resort near Cesme/Izmir (Turkey). In the background of some photos, one can glimpse the Greek Island of Chios: the destination point for the dinghies. In others, proximity and distance, between individuals, a community-in-becoming, and a prospective ‘home,’ emerge at the forefront. Abandoned spaces, spaces of anticipation, and those who inhabit and embody them, are transformed by their journeys.

Waiting in Cesme/Izmir (c) Ufuk Ozturk
Abandoned sites (c) Ufuk Ozturk
By the sea, Cesme/Izmi (c) Ufuk Ozturk
Seeing Chios (c) Ufuk Ozturk

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