Mr Aydan Greatrick

Aydan Greatrick is the Project Coordinator for the Refugee Hosts project. He works closely with the PI to manage the data collection, handling and analysis process, as well as the day-to-day management of the project, including organising field research, events, relations with project partners and the project finances.

Aydan is also completing a PhD at UCL where his research focuses on responses to and experiences of with LGBTQ+ refugees and asylum seekers in Germany and England. He has written about this and other topics for Refugee Hosts, which can be read here. Aydan has an MSc in Global Migration from UCL and a BA (Hons) in History from the University of Cambridge. 

Contact Aydan on and follow him on @AydanEG. 

Ms Sorcha Daly

Sorcha Daly is the Communications Coordinator for the Refugee Hosts Project. She is responsible for ensuring the project findings are widely disseminated, translated and accessible to the communities participating in this research. She will be overseeing the development and implementation of the project’s  impact and communications strategy including the project’s digital communications plan. She also works as the Project and Communications Coordinator for the Southern Responses to Displacement project also based in the UCL Migration Research Unit.

Before joining the Refugee Hosts and Southern Responses to Displacement projects, Sorcha worked at the UCL Institute of Health Equity as a researcher, focusing on the social determinants of health. To date Sorcha has published a number of reports examining the impact of social determinants across the life course on inequalities in life expectancy, healthy life expectancy and other health outcomes. Reports have covered areas including the life course social determinants of poor mental health, cognitive decline and dementia in later life, how the high street impacts on the health of individuals and communities, and how small, non-health voluntary sector organisations address the wider social, economic and environmental determinants of poor health. 

Prior to this Sorcha worked for over 10 years in the voluntary sector, in various areas, including migrants and refugees, substance misuse, criminal justice and specialist women’s support services. She holds a BSc in Anthropology from University College London.